Our Vision, Values & Ethos

Everyone at The Oaks Primary School and Nursery is committed to giving all our children the best possible start in life by helping them become confident, successful, responsible individuals.

The vision for ‘The Oaks’ is one of a school that nurtures its uniquely talented individuals (pupils and staff) providing them with a love of, and a fulfilment from,  life-long learning and who are committed to having a positive impact on their community. It will be a school that is at the heart of a community of mutual trust and respect. The school will passionately promote a culture of success for all through the underpinning beliefs of whole child development and a growth mind-set for every member of the school community.

The school values of cooperation, perseverance and respect run as a thread through our curriculum and in everything that we do. We believe passionately in our children and their ability to succeed and make considered, thoughtful choices. Our role is one that guides and supports each child along the pathway towards successful independence and responsibility.

The school’s nurturing ethos and values are encapsulated in our school motto; ‘Roots to grow, wings to fly, success and confidence for all’.