Year 1 - The Tiger who came to tea theatre trip - Hawth

Year 1 will be going on an exciting trip to see the theatre show ‘The Tiger who Came to Tea’ at The Hawth on Friday 3rd  May 2024. We will be walking there and back.

The show will begin at 1:30pm and will finish at 2:30pm so we will back to school in time for home time.

This experience links perfectly with our previous learning this year. I’m sure you will remember that in the Autumn term the children learned all about this classic story and we even had a Tiger Tea party. It will also give children the opportunity to watch a live theatre show!

The cost of this trip will be £9.78 per child  Although the contribution is voluntary; the school could not bear the cost of the visit without reducing its ability to provide the books and materials that are essential for its curricular needs.  The visit will not take place unless all parents, who are able, are willing to contribute.  Should you have any difficulty in making payment, you are invited to see the School Business Manager or Headteacher in confidence, so that suitable arrangements can be made. Please contact the Office for an appointment. Please make payments through the School Gateway App or you can request a Paypoint voucher from the Office.

Let your class teacher know if you have any questions,