School Events Calendar

Class Christmas Parties

20th December 2019

Today we would like the children to bring in their own Christmas packed lunch along with one item to share/swap with someone else. It would be nice if this item was a special treat such as a cupcake, muffin, mince pie etc. The item can be in addition to something they have in their own lunch, i.e. they can bring in two cakes one for themselves and one to share.

We introduced this format last year as we had noticed there was an increasing amount of uneaten food leftover at previous Christmas parties and as it worked well we would like to do the same again this year. The parties are very popular with the children and it is a lovely way to end the term and also offers an ideal way to promote the important tradition of sharing. Please note the children will still have their lunch in their year groups but there will be no hot lunches served on this day.

As usual on the last day of this term the children will be allowed to come to school in non-school uniform (they will need clothes appropriate for being on the playground) and the teachers will be organising games and extra fun activities.