Remote Learning


From the 22nd October 2020 it is statutory for all schools to provide Remote Learning for any child not in school due to self isolating, Bubble closure or school closure. This means we will be setting work (that is inline with the curriculum offered in school) for any child missing school due to Covid.


Teachers will be working hard to ensure that your child is not deprived of their education in these difficult times and will be there to deliver the learning your child needs. For this reason it is expected that all children engage with the Remote Learning offer. 


Teachers will be monitoring the engagement of pupils in order for the school to be able to contact those who are having difficulties accessing and completing the lessons delivered. We don’t want anyone to get left behind. 


We understand that accessing something new can sometimes be difficult so we would ask you to contact the school office if you have any difficulties engaging with the offer. They will be able to direct you to the relevant member of staff who will do their very best to support you and your child.


Please click on our remote learning links:


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